Welcome to

Hai Life

the fitness company dedicated to bringing freedom through whole body transformation.

The goal at Hai Life is simple: to bring out the real you, without any fears or barriers, and empower you to go out and impact the world in a positive way.

In order to do that, you need to become a warrior in your spirit, soul, and body. You need to be willing to fight for your best life, and confident that nothing will stand in your way. Most importantly, you need to learn the tools that will set you up for success. Here at Hai Life, we've created programs to help you do just that.

Living the Hai Life

Hai stems from the hebrew word "chay" [khah'·ē], which means:


Living, alive;

Flowing fresh, like a river;

Revival, renewal

This is the life-breath that was breathed into man in the Hebrew Bible when his body was first intertwined to his spirit. It is both the life to the physical body and the life to the spirit.


Meet the Founder


I'm Katie, the founder and head coach here at Hai Life Health and Wellness.


I spent years getting minimal success in my business, sabotaging my relationships, and unable to push past certain barriers in my fitness goals. I had massive dreams, but was plagued by the idea that I would never get to where I wanted to go.

It was years until I realized that my mentality and the limiting beliefs I held about myself were what were keeping me from getting to the next level. After I started bringing truth to the lies that I was believing about myself, fighting against my own self doubt, and implementing tools that radically reshaped my mindset, I started seeing drastic results in my fitness, my relationships, my business, and especially the way I took care of myself.

That's why I created Hai Life: to teach you the tools that realigned my life and allowed me to jumpstart my legacy. If you are struck and aren't sure how to take that next step, I invite you to schedule a free call with me. Learn what it takes to become a warrior in your spirit, soul, and body: