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transform your body in 12 weeks

With this downloadable program, you'll get a complete guide full of workouts and nutrition that is designed to help you grow in strength, build muscle, and shred fat, all within your budget and on your own schedule.

stop guessing at what works. Get a complete and easy to follow guide for just $197.

Here's what's included:


Your program includes 4 workouts a week over 12 weeks, designed to continually challenge and sculpt your body. Plus, the final month includes optional running days that will further show off those newly formed muscles.


Fitness is 80% nutrition, so we've included a guide that gives you all the tools you need to learn to eat intuitively, or to track your macros. Choose what works best for your body and goals.

is this program going to work for me? 

If you're a self-starter ready to take it to the next level to see the results you've been lacking, this is the program for you.


What you'll need to be successful in this program:

  • Access to a gym that has free weights, basic machines, and barbells.

  • Commitment to doing every rep and every movement. If you don't commit to pushing yourself, you won't see the results you're looking for!

  • A growth mindset that's focused on hard work and perseverance.

  • The ability to hold yourself accountable. Because this isn't a personal coaching program, your success will depend on your own ability to follow the program and nutrition, push yourself, and stay consistent.



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