personal Intensives

Whether you're a business owner, an athlete, or simply someone looking to break past barriers and build the life of your dreams, sometimes you need:

personalized and specific

one-on-one support.

These intensive sessions are based entirely on your needs. Sometimes it looks like breaking through limiting beliefs. Sometime it's regaining control over your emotions and mindset. And sometimes it's learning the basics of health and getting set up with nutrition and fitness.

Whatever your need is, these intensives are curated specifically for your

unique situation.


Let's discuss what you need. Click below to schedule your free consultation:


For these personalized sessions, you'll be connected with a coach who is highly trained and qualified to help you change your life.

what you can expect

      > A Starting Needs Assessment and vision setting sessions to ensure everything we do is pushing you toward your goals.


      > As needed training in the inside-out fitness model: spiritual detox sessions, mentality coaching, a nutrition and fitness assessment and workout program, or a complete overview of the Warrior Academy. These are entirely based on your need and budget.

      Quality coaching on your schedule: during your first month, we'll determine what support is needed to ensure your success, whether that's weekly, monthly, in person, or online.

Here's some things my clients have experienced since working with me:

      > Broken through barriers in their fitness and lost more weight than they thought possible.

      > Learned to control their emotions and thoughts and regained peace of mind while growing deeper relationships.


      > Learned how to manage stress and stopped waking up with anxiety throughout the night.

      > Gained freedom through self-awareness, undone lies that they had carried since childhood, and learned the truth of their identity.

      > Created lasting discipline that ensures future success through developing quality habits and routines.

Prices starting at $297 a month

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