You Are Not A Body

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

You are not your waistline, or the clothing that you wear You are not your height, or the color of your hair You are not an ornament made to please the public You are not a secondhand item, not somebody’s object You are not your failures, fears, regrets, or folly But most important of all: you are not a body.

This skin is nothing more than a temporary cage Housing all insecurities, mistakes and pain And when the world makes you forget your body is merely a host It makes you hide inside the thing that you hate the most But if you look past the flesh that you clearly despise You can see through the eyes of the One who envisioned your life

You’re a soul more real than the world you call home You’re the child of the King, and heir to the throne You are beautiful, radiant, creative and smart You are laughter and sunlight and passion and heart You are the dreams that you dream while alone in your bed You’re the secrets you keep and the thoughts in your head

You were not made to accommodate an ever-changing standard This beauty ideal is airbrushing, lies, and slander You are so much more than what the world will tell you Your worth is not defined by all the things that you can’t do You are unbelievably loved, and that won’t ever change Not if you gained a hundred pounds, or a few years in age.

So stop looking at yourself as though your body is revolting Stop comparing yourself to people all thinking the same thing Don’t stare in the mirror wishing to be someone else Stop wasting your time: you can’t escape from yourself You were put on this earth to do all the things that you do ‘Cause you’re one of a kind, no one else can be you.

You were placed in this body for so much more Than ignoring the truth: that you are adored.

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