the warrior academy

I've been where you are.​


I've done the yo-yo diets, the gaining and losing, the trying and failing, the never getting where you want to be. 

I've been confused by all the "health-experts" and misinformation.

I've worked my butt off and not seen the results I wanted.

I used to think that fitness was all about eating right and working out, and some magical combination of the two would get me where we wanted to go.

Finally, I learned that to create lasting change I had to restructure my thoughts, beliefs, and habits to grow from the inside-out. I had to learn the tools it takes to align my spirit, soul, and body.

in 12 weeks, you can learn too


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Once you're accepted into the program, you'll get connected with a coach that lives to empower, motivate, and help you change your life.

MORE THAN a fitness regimen

Hai Life is about more than just a gym routine.

This is programming that lays the groundwork for a

truly exceptional life.

Here are the four building blocks:


break through barriers and know yourself through Daily heart work and 1:1 coaching


transform your brain by 

targeted practice to Developing lasting changes


get Personalized macros or tools to learn intuitive eating, along with outcome-based insight


build your body in weekly workouts with progressive overload in a simple online format


      > 12 Weeks of focused, intentional workouts and nutrition to build your strength and sculpt your body. Through the completely online format, you can get your personalized plan going on your own schedule.

      > One-on-One mentorship to help you dive deep into your beliefs and mentality, and truly build your life from the inside-out. I live to help you succeed. With daily text access and weekly check-ins, I'll make sure you are getting the most out of your program.

      > Daily mind and spirit work through the Warrior Journal. A unique journal designed for your program that helps you overcome your biggest hurdle: YOU. The completely unique journals help guide you into mentality and spirituality coaching that will provide the foundation of your new life. Using this tool along with the weekly coaching call, you will be guided out of toxic belief systems and into a deeper understanding of yourself.

      > Future life changes through developing the tools and habits necessary for success in any area of life. My goal is to teach you the power that you already have, which means you'll become your own coach for life.

Starting at $750 a month

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