this is not just another workout program

The Warrior Academy is about bringing out the real you, undaunted by past fears or failures, in control of your life, driven by purpose, and able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Here are the four building blocks:


break through barriers and know yourself through Daily heart work and 1:1 coaching


transform your brain by 

targeted practice to Developing lasting changes


get Personalized macros or tools to learn intuitive eating, along with outcome-based insight


build your body in weekly workouts with progressive overload in a simple online format

wondering what exactly you'll get?

The Warrior Academy is the most intensive program you've ever seen, designed to mold you into a relentless goal-getter who lets no obstacle stand in the way.

Here's what it looks like:

  • A 12 week long, online personalized fitness program with workouts and nutrition, to challenge and sculpt your body.

  • The Warrior Journal: a revolutionary journal, designed specifically for this program, that guides your journey of self-discovery and ensures your success

  • Weekly One-on-One calls where we overcome mental and spiritual blocks, build your faith, and explore the tools that will help you build a life of greatness.

  • Accountability and weekly text support from a coach who has been where you are and can help you succeed.​​

  • A future of success, health, and a purpose as you continue to use the tools you learn here in your every day life.

and so much more

for $1997

payment plans available

here's what other graduates have said:

Jordyn W.

"It's the ONLY workout program that addresses your mental and spiritual health, too. It's such a groundbreaking program, I'm in love! I literally have energy levels I've never had, and the spirit work is so rich! It's truly crafted by God! There's nothing like it!"

Jenna O.

"Since Hai Life, I've seen myself be able to do things I thought was completely impossible. Before, waking up early to workout was crazy. Intentionally investing time, money, and energy in my health was crazy. Now, working out is a core part of my day. None of this would have happened without the intentionality and committment from Hai Life. I know, because I've tried before and failed to make changes. It's worth it, because you're worth it!"

Meri S.

"Hai Life has changed me in every way in my workout life. I was not someone who enjoyed lifting weights, but since I started the program I love it! It makes you strong mentally and physically, I HIGHLY recommend."

Havi B.

"I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to join the Hai Life Warrior program. It has helped me change my life for the better. From the program, I learned that I can't control my circumstances or environment, but how I respond is always within my control. Thank you for everything, Katie!"

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